Why some IPTV users could see their access to channels disrupted


European police have announced the dismantling of the largest IPTV network in the world. This practice allows to watch up to several thousand channels worldwide, live, for a few euros per month.
On the border of legality for users, the IPTV is viewed with a very bad eye by the European authorities. Police in half a dozen European countries announced on Wednesday that they have dismantled a vast network of pirated pay-TV platforms online, the world’s largest.

The latter was aimed at five million users in Italy alone. Named Xtream Codes, it had been developed by two Greek citizens, specify the customs in a statement. The illegal platform offered two formulas to access television channels: a “professional” edition at $59 per month and a “minimal” edition at $15 per month. Its turnover is estimated at around 60 million euros. It will now be inaccessible.

“The damage to television companies, the private sector and public institutions is immense,” Eurojust representative Filippo Spiezia told a news conference in The Hague. According to the European judicial cooperation agency Eurojust, the service would have caused about $6.5 million of losses to the legal market. As a reminder, Hadopi estimates that 5% of French people have turned to this alternative way of consuming sports content, films or series.

According to the Financial Police, members of the organization, 25 of whom were identified, managed their business from computer premises located abroad from which large-scale digital signals were broadcast, including in Italy.

The European investigations, which targeted three companies and five natural persons, led to the sequestration of the entire Xtream Codes platform as well as 800 websites and 183 computer servers dedicated to the reproduction and broadcasting of data streams. audiovisual.

Officials of the organization are prosecuted for criminal conspiracy for the purpose of reproduction and illegal marketing of online television, with the aggravating circumstance of transnational crime. They incur a sentence of six months to three years in prison and up to $25,822 fine.

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