IPTV: Vader, one of the biggest hacker services, closes its doors


In recent years, IPTV’s hacker services are gaining popularity among users. Bad news however, Vader, one of the biggest suppliers in the field just closed its doors.

Internet Protocol Television, or IPTV, is now used by millions of people around the world to access television channels. It is this technology that allows your Internet service provider to allow you to view TV packages via your Internet box.

But this technology is also exploited by companies that offer subscriptions to their customers by allowing them to access pirated packages: encrypted channels, satellite packages, channels from around the world for a package of about € 30 a year. The system is quite simple: it is a server that centralizes the flows and sends the data back to the clients. It only takes one legitimate subscription to feed the server that sends it back to the entire community of users … So we end up with nearly 70 000 free and paid channels, but also access to movies in direct consultation, all for a handful of euros while subscriptions would actually cost thousands of euros.

Among the many services available on the market, Vader is undoubtedly the most popular in volume. However, the platform announced closing its doors, evoking doing so under duress, but without revealing the bottom of the case.

According to TorrentFreak, Vader would be investigated and the administrators identified by the authorities. Vader wishes to reassure by saying that his clients’ data will remain secret no matter what happens and that the entire client file will be cleaned up.

For now, impossible to know more, it is not even assured that people who have recently subscribed can be reimbursed

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