IPTV: a new haul in Europe targeting pirate list providers

Still confidential a few years ago, the use of pirate IPTV lists has become more widespread. These lists of readings sold at unbeatable prices on the web offer streams of TV channels from around the world. These lists created using piracy of legitimate operator signals are generally compatible with media players such as VLC or embedded in mobile applications.

The rights holders and the authorities have been fighting this phenomenon for years by mainly attacking the providers behind the piracy of the signals. Recently, the Spanish National Police announced the dismantling of a chain causing a hacking of signals that would have generated 1 million euros.

As the TorrentFreak website reports, investigators determined that the managers of this organization were recording the streams of many TV channels and sending them to servers operated by companies abroad. At the same time, the organization carried out marketing operations as well as sales of their illegal product to the public.

In total, 12 people were arrested. Of these, 4 were responsible for capturing, redistributing and managing customer access.

The remaining 8 are defined as resellers of the service that obtained low-cost access to market pirate lists as a subscription. This net strike in the IPTV world is the result of a two-year long investigation. The investigations were launched in 2017 after officers of the Central Unit against Cybercrime discovered a Facebook page presenting the pirate service.

On a video of the Spanish authorities published last November 16, we see police manipulate the computer equipment used by pirates. In addition to computer equipment, nearly 22,000 euros in cash, 17 mobile phones and a high-end vehicle were seized.

In recent months, seizures and closures of illegal IPTV services have multiplied. However, IPTV hacking is a gigantic hydra that still stands despite its many setbacks.

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