Illegal IPTV, streaming, hacking: more than 30,000 fraudulent sites pinned by Europol


In a statement, Europol announced that it had dismantled a whopping 30,506 illegal sites, including three major players in the piracy of audiovisual content. The forces of the order of 18 countries are involved in this large-scale attack.

Europol is not kidding with piracy and intellectual property infringement. In a statement, the European Criminal Police Agency announced the mass closure of exactly 30,506 offending sites. For the police, it is the result of a long-term work carried out in team. Interpol, the US National Intellectual Property Rights Co-ordination Center (UN NIPR CC) and the authorities of eighteen countries participated in the crackdown.

A very nice catch

The police did not stop at the closing of the domain names. Three suspects were arrested, tens of thousands of luxury goods seized and holdings of several frozen bank accounts.

With regard to closed sites, five names were given by the UN NIPR CC in its communication on the subject. These are,,, and, web addresses that most of us have never heard of.

They sell large quantities of counterfeit pharmaceuticals, pirated films and series and various other goods illegally. It is probably for this reason that the American authority has decided to cite them as an example.

It should be recalled that these seizures took place as part of the “In Our Sites” operation. Since 2014, different authorities collaborate under this code name and organize the dismantling of fraudulent sites. More than a million of them would have been closed in five years.

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